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Discuss and contrast extrinsic versus intrinsic motivation.




1. Discuss and contrast extrinsic versus intrinsic motivation. Give an example of each type of motivation from your personal experience.;2. Describe Maslow?s hierarchy of needs. Provide an example of a deficiency need overpowering the need for growth.;3. Attributions can be described in terms of Locus (?place?), temporal stability, and controllability. Give an example of a time you were not able to perform well on a difficult task (a race, a test, etc.). Analyze 2 attributions you made about the situation in terms of locus, stability, and controllability. Explain your answers.;4. List and define the 7 motivational strategies that are listed in the mnemonic TARGETS. Select 3 of these strategies and give an example of how a teacher would incorporate each into classroom practice to motivate students.


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