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Observational learning based on Bandura's experiments.




Discusses cognitive approaches to learning;Write an essay 750 to 1,000 words long based on information found in your textbook Psychology and Your Life by Robert S. Feldman. The great thing about this assignment is there is NO outside research necessary!;Conditioning;discusses cognitive approaches to learning, which include latent learning and observational learning based on Bandura's experiments. Then, write your essay about one of the following topics;1. Choose one of these conditioning/learning styles and discuss how it may be applied to child rearing. In essay format, create a plan to help get a young child to clean his/her room.;2. Conditioning still plays a role in punishment, and the text discusses the pros and cons of punishment and why reinforcement "beats" punishment. Explain the theory behind this phenomenon and give an example of it by how you used it when training an animal.;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 5;Max Pages: 10;Level of Detail: Only answer needed;Other Requirements: Please if this question can not be answered according to the text book PSYCHOLOGY AND YOUR LIFE by Robert S Feldman pls dont do it and kindly refund my money in full back. Mind reference every must be according to the text book. Please for God sake once again it should be according to the that text book.


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