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The university faces difficult decisions concerning the role of intercollegiate athletics on campus.




The Problem;The university faces difficult decisions concerning the role of intercollegiate athletics on campus. Some have argued for abandoning intercollegiate athletics, or for a significant reduction in the university's commitment to athletics. Some favor participation only at the level of NCAA Division II (not Division I as is the case now).;An advisory committee has been formed to recommend changes in policy. The committee plans to hire a consultant who will assist them in making decisions. The consultant need not have any background in athletics, but must have demonstrated an ability to help groups or individuals in decision making. The consultant will be paid a highly competitive salary.;Applicants for the position must submit a brief (500 word maximum) planning outline. The outline must show how they would approach one specific decision: The choice of remaining in Division I or moving to Division II. They must list the steps they would take in helping the committee to make this decision. The outline need not be comprehensive, but it should list each step in the process. It must provide very explicit examples of questions to be asked of the committee, the kind of answers that would be expected, and an account of how this information would be used.;All applicants will have access to a pdf document, "Multi-Attribute Utility Theory (MAUT)" (attached). They may refer to this document as much as they wish in order to simplify or abbreviate their outlines. The outline should not repeat information already provided in the pdf document. Applicants should focus on the specifics of the problem at hand.;As part of the outline, applicants should briefly list difficulties, problems, and objections that they expect to encounter as they proceed, and describe how they would deal with them.;Applicants' outlines will be evaluated by a faculty member in the Department of Psychology, who will serve as an unpaid volunteer in this respect.;The committee reserves the right not to hire anyone at this time.;Note: The length limit will be strictly applied. The planning document should be in outline form. Use one one or two specific examples at each step.;Attachment Preview;maut.pdf Download Attachment;PSYC 433, Behavioral Decision Theory;Multi-Attribute Utility Theory (MAUT);Up to now the normative examples and exercises have been rather artificial, with welldefined decision trees, and utilities... Show more;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 1;Max Pages: 2;Level of Detail: Show all work;Other Requirements: PSYC 430 - Behavioral Decision Theory.;Maximum 500 words, cannot go over.


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