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Assignment Instructions;Video instructions for your Final Paper! smiley;Click on the link below for a full discussion of the paper expectations. Be sure to turn up the sound.;;(TIP: 1. turn the volume all the way up and use headphones. 2. try different browsers to view the video, and 3. be sure you have the plug ins needed for that browser. For example when I use Firefox, I always have to have the java plug in installed or I can't hear the sound. Lastly, you can contact tech support and see if they can help you. This is a supplementary video and the assignment can still be completed without seeing the video.);Final Paper;SEE THE EXAMPLE PAPER IN LESSONS-WEEK SEVEN BEFORE YOU BEGIN.;The Research Paper is due on Saturday of Week Seven. The research paper will be a thorough review and discussion of a topic which you will chose from the list below. It is important to note that this is not simply a summary review paper. You will be using the research literature to support a discussion of specific areas (as outlined below) within topic that you chose. The paper will consist of a current literature review and discussion of the current treatments for your selected topic. The body of the paper should be 6-8 pages in length (not including the title page, the abstract page, the reference page and the annotated bibliography). The paper must be completed and written in third person, Times New Roman, 12 font only.;Each student will pick one topic from the list below.;They include;? Prader-Willi Syndrome;? Narcolepsy;? Korsakoff's Syndrome;? Schizophrenia;? Huntington's Disease;? Parkinson's Disease;? Balint's Syndrome;? Turner's Syndrome;? Klinefelter's Syndrome;? Tourette's Syndrome;Your Final Paper should include the following;Title page in APA format (Times New Roman, 12 font only);The below areas are required subheadings that must be included within your paper.;History: A history (historical perspective) of the topic (one to two pages). The history portion of the paper should be brief and relevant to the purpose of the paper (Written in third person, Times New Roman, 12 font only).;Epigenetic Causes: A detailed explanation of the epigenetic (genetic and environmental) etiology (cause) of the chosen topic (one to two pages) (Written in third person, Times New Roman, 12 font only).;Symptoms and treatments: A detailed discussion of the symptoms and treatments of the chosen topic (two to four pages) (Written in third person, Times New Roman, 12 font only).;Evaluation: A critical evaluation and summation of three current (no older than five years) research articles on the chosen topic (one to two pages) (Written in third person, Times New Roman, 12 font only).;Synthesis: Brief synthesis and conclusion of the material presented (one page) (Written in third person, Times New Roman, 12 font only).;This is a formal paper (not a list of responses, numbered points, or bullet-points) in APA format (Times new Roman 12 font, 6-8 pages in length (not counting title page, abstract, reference page or Annotated Bibliography), the use of five or more references is required (other than the textbook and website), and it must reflect the use of course content and critical thinking.;You must include an APA formatted title page that includes;Student?s name;Course name and number;Title of paper;Instructor?s name;Date submitted;You must include an introductory paragraph with a succinct thesis statement.;You must address the topic of the paper with critical thought.;You must conclude with a restatement of the thesis and a conclusion paragraph.;You must use APA style as outlined in your approved APA style guide to document all sources.;You must include, on the final pages, a reference page followed by an annotated bibliography that is completed according to APA style as outlined in your approved APA style guide.;Do NOT include quotes as they do not add to the critical analysis of the content.;Do NOT write in short (1-3 sentence) paragraphs.;Do NOT include bullet points or numbered items.;Do NOT include research older than 5 years.;All images and tables belong in the Appendix section of the paper (after the Annotated Bibliography) and are not considered part of the body content.;Do include citations in your paragraphs.;If you have an unavoidable reason for needing to make up an assignment you must contact your instructor before the assignment is due (personal or family emergencies, deployments, TDYs and TADs, base alerts and lock-downs or communications blackouts qualify?leisure activities or scheduling too many classes or other life activities don?t ? Be prepare to provide documentation). I will consider a one-time extension on a case-by-case basis if you contact me BEFORE the assignment is due. ALL extensions are subject to the instructor?s approval and may be denied if the above conditions are not met. There are no extensions for work and final papers in the last two weeks of class. NO EXCEPTIONS;Attachment Preview;PSYC325 Week Seven Final Paper Grading Rubric.docx Download Attachment;PSYC325 Week Seven Final Paper Grading Rubric;SummativeAssignmentGradingCriteria;ContentCriteria;133Points;Introductionparagraphendinginaclear,directivethesisstatementisincluded.... Show more;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 7;Max Pages: 10;Other Requirements: Please follow directions from the instructions and paper should be original and not one that has been submitted by someone else. It should not exceed the maximum allowed of copy right material of 13%.


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