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BEH 225 Final Project




BEH/225 Final Project;Michael J. Beard Jr.;BEH/225;06/05/2011;Tara Moser;Abstract;?Bah, Humbug, another party?? or ?Happy Holidays, another party!? Your choice of greeting that you exclaim during the holidays may have more to do with your genetic make-up than your mood. For introverts like my-self living in an extroverted culture, the holidays and all they entail can and most times are like fingernails on a chalkboard. For all those who are introverted, all that holiday socializing seems to be an enormous waste of time and energy. Rather than being out there mingling at parties, introverts would rather be snuggled up reading a nice, fat book.;Extroversion and introversion are terms used to gauge social styles. Extroverts like the person I am about to interview for this paper, are more comfortable interacting in groups and are more energized by being with others


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