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BEH 225 Diagnosis And Treatment Week 8




Diagnosis and Treatment;BEH225;Diagnosis and Treatment;There are many neurological disorders that cause dementia. Alzheimer?s, Parkinson?s, and Huntington?s diseases are the degenerative type. Others include vascular disorders, chronic drug use, depression, and infections that affect the central nervous system such as HIV.;There are several types of dementia. The most common type is Alzheimer?s disease. This disease accounts for the majority of dementia cases. More and more researchers think that as many as 50% of people over the age of 80 will develop Alzheimer?s disease (Cleveland Clinic, 2009). This may because people are living longer now than in the past. It is a progressive dementia and some of the symptoms include short term memory loss, problems remembering the names of people and items, problems remembering where you were going or how to get back, and difficulty performing complex tasks. There is dementia with Lewy bodies. This disease is a progressive dementia in which


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