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BEH 225 Checkpoint Skinner Article




*This tutorial is to be used as a guide with examples of what your instructor is looking to see in your submission. Be sure work submitted is that of your own efforts to avoid copying the work provided in the tutorial. As this tutorial is likely to be pre-submitted, original work you should not re-submit as your own original work. *;CheckPoint: Skinner Article;B. F. Skinner?s research and contributions have played an essential role in the advancement of psychology. Skinner?s belief that behavior could be modified by environment and the modified behavior was controlled by the effects of this change was soon termed operant behavior. Skinner?s theory makes sense when one considers an early Skinner experiment which involved rats pressing a bar. Skinner?s research suggested that the rat pressing the bar was not dependant on any prior stimulus, but in fact because of the


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