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BEH 225 Motivating Employees




Before we go into the importance of motivation, we need to understand what motivation is. Motivation can be explained as the driving force one has that propels them towards the achievement of goals. In other words, it is the reason why anybody does anything. Workplace motivation is one of the most important aspects of good management. It may be a complex, frustrating issue, but unless it is understood, and managed effectively, few organizations will flourish. Motivation can be thought of as a continuum, with values and rewards depicted by intrinsic elements at one end, and by extrinsic factors at the other.;Intrinsic motivation means we are motivated by rewards that are largely intangible. This means we place more value on outcomes that are sourced from within ourselves, rather than from external factors. Intrinsic motivations can be linked to our feelings. Like taking pleasure at being treated with care and consideration, feeling


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