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BEH 225 Checkpoint Operant Conditioning




Learning is an important topic that can explain a lot of the developments in life. ?An operant is a voluntary behavior that is used in order to obtain a reinforcer or avoid a punisher. Operant Conditioning uses reinforcement and punishment systematically to facilitate learning. Its unique foci include, first, its focus on voluntary behaviors (?operants?), and second, its emphasis on the consequences of behavior. Other learning theories emphasize antecedents rather than consequences and involuntary behaviors, or reflexes, rather than operants.?(Operant, 2008) A reinforce is a stimulus that follows a particular behavior and which usually increases the likelihood that the certain behavior will be repeated. A positive reinforce adds something rewarding to a situation, which could include pleasant music, money, or food. Negative reinforcers subtract something from a situation by removing an unpleasant stimulus. Both of these reinforcements result in new strengths or behaviors;Punishments make it so operants are


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