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BSA 502 Running Head Operations and Logistics Issues at Kudler Fine Foods




Running Head: Operations and Logistics Issues at Kudler Fine Foods;Operations and Logistics Issues at Kudler Fine Foods;University of Phoenix;BSA 502;MISD0621;Introduction;Kudler Fine Foods has several important issues in terms of Operations and Logistics. This paper will examine and analyze those issues and make any necessary recommendations on enhancements or improvements that could make the company more profitable in the foreseeable future. This paper will review Quality Standards, Operations Management Systems, Supply Chain Methodology, The distribution process, and finally Enterprise Resource Planning.;Quality Control and Quality Standards;One important aspect of operations and logistics is purchasing. Although there is no purchasing department in any of the Kudler Fine Foods? stores, standard purchasing procedures are in place. Each of the three department stores from each store determine requirements for the items sold and their department sells and places purchase orders directly with suppliers using a purchase


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