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BSHS 325 Later Adulthood Development




?The population of the United States is aging, and with this change in the composition of the population will come new opportunities and new challenges for the elderly? (Stone, 2000). Changes in roles and social position as person ages can occur. As well as the need for more health care and a change in living accommodations. An elderly person may also notice changes In their person lives, such as, marriage, family, and peer relationships. Transitioning from work to retirement might also be an adjustment.Lastly, social policies may start to affect them now that they are an older adult.;Changes in Role and Social Position;As adults get older, into their 50?and up, they go through many life changes, socially, mentally, and personally. Their roles change in society. ?People age 65 and older now make up more than one tenth of the U.S Population and are the fastest growing age group in society? (Department of Elder Affairs, 2012). Most of them can no longer be independent and they need assistance from others. The older generation faces discrimination, such as job discrimination. The older generation needs more help with getting around, shopping, driving, cooking, getting dressed and doing daily activities.


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