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University of Phoenix BUS 200 xbis week2 Amazon Evolution




Amazon is not steering itself away from being the leading online retailer, in fact, it is not leading the industry;it is paving a new road. Amazon began simply as an online bookstore;it has evolved in the last 15 years to range from books to movies, latest technologies, and even food. Amazon set out to be the leading online retailer of books;they have now accomplished being the leading online retailer of most every product. With every business, getting started can be difficult but if the momentum is ever taken hold the company must run with it. This is what Amazon has done;they started out having a tough time with the name ?Cabrera? which could have sometimes been mistaken as ?Cadaver.? That was when the founder decided to name the site based on what he imagined it would become. That was where the name ?Amazon?


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