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University of Phoenix BUS 210 Week 8 Assignment ? OMM Systems Operations and Materials Management Systems




When observing companies and their employees, perhaps no kind of company may be easier to use then a retail establishment. Bealls, JC Penney?s, and Dillard?s were my choices because, although similar in many of the items that they sell, they all manage to have different atmosphere?s and target customers. Bealls was first established in Florida and is a retailer of women?s, men?s, and children?s clothing, shoes, and accessories (University of Florida Foundation, 2010). JC Penney?s department store began in 1902 and is known for its apparel, large home furnishings selection, and their jewelry (Southern Methodist University, n.d.). Dillard?s is an Ohio-based department store that began in 1890 as Higbee Co. and is known for its style, shoe offerings, and ?customer service? (Case Western Reserve University, 1997);Bealls store employees welcome all shoppers cordially within minutes of their entering


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