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BIO 280 Biodiversity Paper




Biodiversity Paper;BIO/280;Biodiversity Paper;Conservation biology and biodiversity are linked because together because the purpose of conservation biology is protect the biodiversity on Earth. It has taken a long time for the Earth to grow with so much diversity. However at the rate of about 200 species going extinct each year, it could all be gone before anyone knows it if society doesn?t start acting now to protect it (World Wildlife Foundation, 2014). This paper will describe conservation biology and biodiversity. It will explain endangered species, threatened species, and extinct species as well provide examples for each one. Lastly, it will review how species contribute to biodiversity and why conservation biologists are worried about certain species. It is important now more than ever to start protecting all of the biodiversity on Earth because without there is no future for the planet.;Conservation biology is the applied science of maintain the earth?s biological diversity (Malcolm & Gibbs, 2007). It is a cross-disciplinary subject lying between basic biologic sciences and natural resources sciences (Malcolm & Gibbs, 2007). It?s different from basic biologic sciences because it reaches out to law, politics, economics, education, philosophy, and other subjects that shape the


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