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Week Three ? Party Plates Database Proposal BIS/220




Database Proposal;Over the years, Excel has served Party Plates well as a spreadsheet and primary accounting tool. Excel has also tracked sales, and provided the data needed by the Sales Department. Easy and efficient to enter, store and manipulate data, the company has relied upon Excel?s simplicity to also serve as a primary database, building personnel information files for employees as well as developing customer, contact and potential client lists.;The software research team has been tasked with researching ways to improve the efficiency of the company?s informational system. Since the team members are primarily end users, they first met with the folks in our IT office for some background information and learned this: ?As a general rule of thumb, databases should be used for data storage and spreadsheets should be used to analyze data? (Stille, 2009).;There are numerous practical advantages of using relational databases over standard spreadsheets;Relational databases allow multiple user access to schedule, display and edit information simultaneously.;Another advantage of using relational databases over spreadsheets is its capability to create, link and extract large sums of information rapidly.;Employees will be able to collaborate and resolve problems in a timely manner, allowing productivity to increase.;To establish whether there was even a need for Party Plates to change, the team asked these questions;Do the spreadsheets that contain related information?;Do updates made in one spreadsheet force updates in other related spreadsheets?;Is the amount of data becoming unmanageable?;Can all relevant data be seen on one screen, or is the user forced to scroll and jump around for answers?;Are there several people trying to access the data at the same time?;Does the user have difficulty viewing or analyzing specific data sets?;Accepted guidelines mention that answering ?yes? to any two of these questions merit looking into a shift to databases from spreadsheets. The team answered ?yes? to each and


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