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Information Systems Proposal BIS/220




Table of Contents;Part One: The Proposal 3;The Systems Recommended 3;Systems Combination 3;Part Two: Information on the Systems 4-6;Enterprise Resource Planning 4;Expert Systems 4-5;Functional Information System 5;Office Automation System 5;Management Information System 6;Part Three: What this means for our company 6;References 7;(Photo Courtesy of Ping Mag);The Proposal;The Systems Recommended;I come to you with a proposal for a system of Information System (IS) applications that I think we will find useful for our business venture. The five types of IS that I think we should use are Enterprise Resource Planning, Expert System, Functional Area IS, Management Information System and, Office Automation System. Below is a table of these five systems, their functions and an example of one of the uses (University of Phoenix, 2011, para. 2.2).;Type Function Example;Enterprise Resource Planning Integrates all functional areas of the organization Oracle, SAP;Expert System Mimics human expertise in a particular area and makes a decision Credit card approval analysis;Functional Area IS Supports the activities within a specific functional area Systems for processing payroll;Management Information System Produces reports summarized from transactions data, usually in one functional area Report on total sales for each customer;Office Automation System Supports daily work activities of individual and groups Microsoft;Systems Combination;Going by the examples given, with our business being so small, this should be sufficient technology for our needs. Using Microsoft and Oracle together, you have a basis for your applications and an overseer. Even though we will be starting out with only a few employees, we will still need scheduling and payroll applications. The reports on total sales will not only keep track of


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