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Learning Objectives BIS230




Learning Objectives;LO 1- Summarize the basic steps in any planning process.;Situational analysis;To gather, interpret, and summarize all information relevant to the planning issue;Alternative goals and plans;Setting alternative goals that may be pursued in the future and plans used to achieve these goals. This step stresses creativity and encourages people to think in broad terms about their jobs;Goal plan and evaluation;Basically the advantages and disadvantages, and potential effects of each alternative goal and plan;Goal and plan selection;This step is selecting the one that is most important and feasible;Implementation;This step is to put their chosen plan into affect. Understanding and having the resources to implement it.;Monitor and control;Monitoring your actual performance of their work units against the units goals and plans. Developing a control system to measure that performance and allow them to make corrections when plans are implemented improperly;LO 2- Describe how strategic planning should be integrated with tactical and operational planning.;Strategic planning- making decisions about an organizations long-term goals;Senior executives are responsible for the development and execution of this;An effective strategy asks five questions: (1) Where will we be active? (2) How will we get there (3) How will we win in the marketplace? (4) How fast will we move and in what sequence will we make changes? (5) How will we obtain financial returns?;Tactical planning- takes the strategic plans and goals and makes them into specific plans and goals. Handled by the middle managerial level;Operational planning- identifies the specific procedures and processes required


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