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McBride Marketing Plan BSA/310: Business Systems




McBride Marketing Plan;McBride Financial Services is an exponentially growing mortgage and financial services with five locations covering five different states, with a planned expansion of another three locations in the near future. McBride Financial believes in honesty with regards to services charges for their customers in an effort to garner customer trust, and to show those customers that they do not offer any hidden fees. They also offer a speedy application process to allow their customer time to search for the house that they want. McBride Financial Services to this end has developed their company to be as customer-centric as possible.;Marketing Plan;Under McBride Financial Services current marketing plan, they intend to use ?local TV ads, Local newspapers, Informational handouts at airports and tourist attractions, Local radio stations, and Local realtors,? but these only cover local sources (McBride Financial Services, 2011). To be


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