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Human Resource Management Final Paper- HRM-The Components of its Primary Function




Human Resource Management: The Components of its Primary Function;Human resource management (HRM) is the operational management of people at work. HRM should be action-oriented, people-oriented, globally-oriented, and future-oriented in order to be effective. According to Ivancevich (2010), ?HRM examines what can or should be done to make working people more productive and satisfied? (p. 1). From an organizational perspective, effective human resource management (HRM) serves a variety of functions. However, the primary function of HRM is to increase the effectiveness and involvement of employees in the fulfillment of organizational goals and objectives. HRM can be divided into six broad aspects, each of which is essential to achieve the primary function. This paper will identify the six aspects of HRM, explain why one aspect may be more important that the others, and describe how the HRM role can


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