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BUS 303 business ethics Lecture 7 Barry Schwartz ?On Our Loss of Wisdom?




BUS 303;Barry Schwartz ?On Our Loss of Wisdom?;Practical Wisdom is comprised of: Moral Will & Moral Skill;We have to have the will to initiate a right thing;In what ways do rules and incentives limit practical wisdom?;o An over-reliance on rules;No opportunity to improvise;No opportunity to learn from our improvisations;o Excessive reliance on incentives;Causes people to lose moral (the reward rather than the good feeling after doing the right thing);And the act to loose morality;People have to do things, because rules don?t let them think;Defining Moments;?We are all butlers?;o We are all in someway butlers, taking instructions from someone to serve someone else.;o How do you serve, when do you serve?;Steven?s experiences of John Dewey?s revealing, testing and shaping of the self.;o Turning points;His father passed away on the night of his meeting, he chose to stay and assist the meeting (stays in service) rather than taking care of his dying


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