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Ashford University BUS 303 Effect of Effective Performance Appraisals on Employee Performance




Effect of effective performance appraisals on employee performance;Basically performance appraisal is the process through which a rater(s) evaluate an employee?s performance. In particular, during the process period, rater (s) interacts with, observe and evaluate the performance of a person. There is usually a meeting between the rater and employee to communicate feedback on the performance. During the interaction, the rater evaluates the employee basing on the success in accomplishing previous year?s targets, and new targets are set for following period of performance appraisal. Although performance appraisals may be criticized for bias and misrepresentation of facts, effective performance appraisals enhance employee performance.;As mentioned performance appraisal can be useful in giving employees feedback and assisting in their development. However, this feedback is just one of the reasons for performing appraisals in companies. Appraisals


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