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Ashford University BUSINESS 101 Bachelors BUS 303 HRM wkly assignments




BUS 303 ? HRM Weekly Assignments;Week 1;Strategic management approach to Human Resources Management;Global Human Resources Management;How does the global environment of business today impact the role of HR within an organization?;Week 2;Planning, Aligning, and Forecasting;What is Human Resource planning? How does the HR planning process facilitate the achievement of an organization?s strategic objectives? If you can, use your organization as an example.;Selection;What are the goals of selection? What factors influence an organization?s choice of selection methods? If you can, use your organization as an example.;WEEK 3;Appraising and Managing Performance ? Week 3;Performance management is an important HRM function as it is the processes and actions taken to align employee performance with organizational objectives. Do you feel your company?s formal performance evaluation process is effective? What steps could be taken to make it more effective?;Administering Benefits and Services ? Week 3;Considering the role of employees, employers, unions and government, list at least two reasons why employers offer benefits and services. Describe the most important benefit you receive from your employer and explain why you value that benefit above all others.;Training and Development ? Week 4;Have you ever gone through an employee orientation? How did the experience meet the goals (i.e., reduce anxiety, reduce turnover, save time, develop realistic expectations) of orientation? Offer two (2) suggestions for improvement of the program.;Career Planning and Development ? Week 4;How has your concept of ?career? changed over your lifetime? Consider the four stages of a career ? what stage do you believe you are currently in and why? How might HRM help you in this stage?;Employee Rights and Justice ? Week 5;The employee disciplinary process involves many people and often includes supervisors, human resource departments, the work group, arbitrators and top management. Each has a crucial role to play if the discipline system is to be effective. Discuss the elements of your company?s discipline system or process and explain whether you feel it is effective or not in handling difficult or ineffective employees. Support your thoughts with examples when appropriate.;ANSWER;Week 1;Strategic management approach to Human Resources Management;Internal and external factors exert a strong influence on the HRM function. List one external factor that you feel has a powerful influence on your company?s HRM function and explain why.


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