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BUS 303 Human Resource Management WEEK 5, Reflective Paper(10 PAGES WITH 5 REFERENCES)




Human Resource Management: And the Sugar Factory;Have you ever hired someone to work for you? If you have ever went to a dentist or a;doctor, or had your car serviced or repaired, or hired someone to mow your lawn, then you;have used some form of Human Resource Management (HRM) skills, when hiring these people. Perhaps you simply relied on word off mouth when choosing a company or person to work for you, or perhaps it was the way they dressed and spoke that persuaded you to hire them. Then again you may have needed more information to make a decision, and so you did a credit;and background check, along with an in person interview. These are all skills that Human Resource Management people use on a daily basis to make sure they are making the right choices for their organizations.;In this paper I will discuss my organization,and several different aspects of human resource management, and what impact they have on my organization. First of all let?s define HRM. There are many different ways to define HRM, but in essence it is the process of


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