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From: Rice, Angela D.CEO/ Information Assurance Chief;To: Rice INC. Employee?s;Subject: New Email and Internet Policy;Rice INC. Employee?s;This email is to announce a new email and Internet policy that will take effect on 20 March 2014. All personnel, to include employees, consultants, and others associates with the company, who use the company?s email and internet system, are required to comply with this policy. This policy is to inform all employees? within this company, the acceptable use of their company email accounts and internet access and what will constitute as misuse of your employee accounts during working activities.;The use of email by the employee?s of Rice INC. is permitted and encourage as long as it is used in supporting the goals, mission, and objectives of Rice INC. and it is to be used for business purposes. Each employee must ensure they comply with all current


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