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BUS 303 Performance Appraisal (3 Pages ? APA Format with References)




Performance Appraisal;Performance appraisal measures the qualitative and quantitative aspects of job performance. An appraisal evaluates not only the employee?s performance but also his potential for development. The primary objectives of an appraisal are ? to assess past performance, to identify training needs, to set and agree on future objectives and standards, and to facilitate the achievement of these goals.;In many situations, the appraiser is the supervisor of the person who is to be rated. However, companies may also use multiple raters to evaluate performances (360 degree appraisal). Peer and self-evaluations are on the increase, as are customer or client evaluations. Some appraisal systems use subordinate or reverse appraisals and team rating techniques.;Different methods are used for appraising performance. In the straight ranking method, employees are ranked from the best to the worst on the basis of their performance. Management by Objectives involves an agreement between a superior and his employee


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