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BUS 308 You are the manager at a company? A+ Answer




If I was a manager at a company and had to present a report on the year-to-date performance of my division, I would include in my report statistics such as gross sales including net gains or losses, also comparing this data to prior years to show improvement of performance. I would also include data regarding how my budget was spent.;To depict this information, I would use multiple graphs. Bar charts can be used to show the least and most popular items sold. Bar charts can also be used to compare prior years with present year to decipher if employees? performance is improving. Also, a dot plot can be used to display gains and/or losses of income. In addition, a pie chart can be used to display the different areas that generate expenses in order to decipher how the budget is spent.;While breaking down the graphical representation, the mean of the


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