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BUS 308 Find and post an example of a statistical analysis?. A+ Answer




According to Anthony Mirhaydari, contributor to Moneyblog on, over the years, the government has changed the way it counts the unemployed and there are many factors that contribute to the overall unemployment rate.;Based on statistical analysis, ?The headline rate only jumped from 9.4% to 9.5% because only the number of people in the workforce at the time was calculated. However, using a more inclusive measure of unemployment, which includes discouraged workers, the rate jumped from 16.4% to 16.5%. But even this doesn?t adequately capture the situation on the ground: considering that the definition of discouraged worker was changed to only include those that had given up looking for work because there were no jobs to be had within the last year. By adding these folks back in, William?s SGS-Alternate Unemployment Measure rose to a jaw-dropping 20.6%.?


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