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BUS 311 Contracts within Business, What Are They, How Do They Work ? 10 Pages (APA + References)




Running head: CONTRACTS;Contracts, What Are They? How Do They Work?;??????-;BUS311 Business Law I;Instructor ?????;Date;Abstract;In this paper, I will reflect on the operation of contracts. Business law shows how contracts may be classified in several ways depending on the manner in which they are created, expressed, or performed. I have learned a lot from this course and I will use that to help write this paper. In the following paper I will discuss the oral or written contracts, I will discuss express or implied contracts, and will discuss formal or simple contracts. I will also discuss the impact of the contracts in a business and show the true propose of contracts. I will show what is needed in a contract to be legally enforceable. I will discuss how a contract must contain the following six elements: an offer and acceptances, a mutual agreement, a consideration, a competent parties


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