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Bus 330 Principles of Marketing ? Brand Building and Consumer Decision Making (APA Format with References)




Brand Building and Consumer Decision Making;Name;BUS 330 Principles of Marketing;Date;Brand Building and Consumer Decision Making;The buyer decision process starts with need recognition. The buyer recognizes a need that is triggered by external stimuli either through an advertisement or through a friend. Once he has made up his mind about what type of automobile he wants he may not need to gather more information since his drive is strong and he will be satisfied with his decision to purchase a new automobile. The buyer has already evaluated his alternatives and narrowed down his choice of what he wants and the Porsche clearly rated best on all the attributes: style, operating, warranty and price (Kotler & Armstrong 2012 p.176-178). Most buyers will not have to go through all of the buyer decision process especially if they are financially secured and want to own a


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