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BUS 331 Unit 3 Review Assignments Chapter 9




1. In 1-2 paragraphs, describe how enterprise systems provide value for a business.;They help by letting firms respond faster to customers request for products or services. It also helps firms to manufacture products to the customer?s request and satisfaction.;2. Many companies must plan, source and produce on a global basis. In one paragraph, briefly explain how Internet technology can help companies better manage a global supply chain.;The internet makes it possible for companies to see if their inventory and production capabilities equal the demand for their products.;3. Customer relationship management involves the interaction with customers in sales, marketing and service. Explain how CRM helps a company to maintain a competitive advantage.;By having a good CRM system companies can increase customer satisfaction, have effective marketing, and also increase sales by showing the most profitable customers.;4. Customer relationship management systems typically provide


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