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BUS 372 Employee and Labor Relations ? Contract Negotiations ? 3 Pages + APA Format + 4 References




Contract Negotiations;The knowledge and skill that is critical to the success of a contract negotiator;Negotiation is the process of converging points of views using power of benefit. While two parties are in conflict and there is interest in negotiation then the person with a higher economic benefit or value to offer wins the conflict. In case of negotiation there is a discussion where in each of the parties try to convince the other to accept his own point of view and do not really wish to accept the other person?s point of view (Lewicki, R.J., Saunders, D.M. and Winton, 2003).;There are three main approaches for negotiation. In case of integrative approach to negotiation the major benefit is enjoyed by the power holder and this is guided by the circumstances as well as the power play


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