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BUS 309 Poverty and Polluting Case Study (Answer all your question;7 Pages;APA + References)




Poverty and Pollution;??????;Bus 309.;Professor ????-;Date;Poverty and Pollution;Determine the ethical implications of businesses polluting in a third world countries. Explain your rationale;Business as a moral agent has so much she owns to the society, this I mean, business responsibilities. This is not only limited to the fact that they have to produce quantity goods and services at a fair prices. They also own a responsibility to keep the environment clean and safe of all toxic materials that emanate from production activities.;Business is expected to preserve the environment from degradation through the production of goods and services. It is moral and ethical for businesses to protect the environment from harmful gases release to the air and chemical release to the water during production activities. The issue of pollution without control is not so much pronounced in the developed countries because of firm governmental regulation on pollution.


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