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BUS 415 week 5 Individual Assignment Business Entities, Laws and Regulations Paper (APA Format with References)




BUSINESS ENTITIES, LAWS, AND REGULATIONS;Individual Assignment: Business Entities, Laws, and Regulations Paper;University of Phoenix;BUS/415;Restaurant/Bar Scenario;A partnership firm would be the best choice for Lou and Jose sports bar and restaurant business. The reason this is the best choice because neither of them have much money and Miriam is willing to be the investor who will not participate in the business but will expect in return a percentage in return. Lou and Jose as partner will earn a percentage of the sports bar and restaurant profits. Lou, Jose, and Miriam must consider the laws and regulations in starting the business, and all the risks the involved because they must protect themselves against all risks. Because there are, two types of partnerships Lou and Jose must choose which general or limited partnership.


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