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BUS 415 Week 3 Discussion Questions




BUS/415 Week 3 Discussion Questions;Week 3 Discussion Questions;????;BUS/415;??????;Professor ??????-;ABSTRACT;This Week three discussion questions discuss the implications on defining working capital. We discovered they relate to short-term decisions in one year. Discussion question from week three also discuss capital planning which results in the rejection or acceptance of individual projects. Those projects are also measured by the rate of return. Finally the week three discussion questions discuss why companies lease and not purchase capital items. It entails that companies get a greater tax break on their corporate taxes, they get to write some of the payments off if a certain percentage, and it frees up some of the cash flow.;Introduction;The intro to business law is a crucial part in taking our careers to the next level. The ethical practices of law and what does exist in the court of law is a viable part in


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