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BUS 415 Week 2 Evan Burk (APA Format with References)




Tanya Trucker v. State of Confusion;Bus/415;Tanya Trucker v. State of Confusion;The state of Confusion has issued a new law stating that all trucks and towing trailers that are passing through and using its state?s highways must be equipped with a special type of hitch. This hitch is referred to as a ?B-Type Hitch?, and it can only be installed by one manufacturer in the state of Confusion. If the driver whose course is the state of Confusion does not wish to add this special hitch type they must drive around the state or install this hitch. A local trucking company from the state of Denial is upset with this new statute from the state of Confusion because of the added expense it has caused for the company. Tanya Trucker will be filing a suit against the State of Confusion in order to reverse the


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