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Bus 415 Week 1 Exercise 3.5




3.5 Business Ethics: Calder versus Jones;3.5 Business Ethics: Calder versus Jones;The National Enquirer is a weekly newspaper sold throughout the nation with its headquarters in Florida (Cheeseman, 2010, p. 49). The newspaper is widely known by members of society as a tabloid because it focuses on scandalous events that involve celebrities, politicians, or occurrences. The credibility of the publication?s articles is often called into question, and the company has faced multiple lawsuits as a result of their reporting methods. One such case was Calder versus Jones.;In the Calder versus Jones case Shirley Jones, an entertainer residing in California, filed a lawsuit against the National Enquire and its president because of an article they published about her. She ?sought damages for alleged defamation, invasion of privacy, and intentional infliction of emotional distress? from the company (Cheeseman, 2010, p. 49, para. 2). The lawsuit was filed in California and used the state?s


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