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BUS415 Foodmart, Inc. Paper (APA Format with References)




Foodmart Inc. Paper;BUS/415;Foodmart, Inc. Paper;In the following scenarios of situations that may have happened in Foodmart, Inc a grocery chain in the United States. Team B will give each of the scenarios a brief description of the situation and evaluate each and show how to deal with them in a lawful matter. Each scenario will be explained, to who the defendants are to the plaintiff?s charges and the possible outcomes of each.;Scenario #1: Foodmart, Inc. Contract with Masterpiece Construction;Foodmart, Inc. petitioned the court for an injunction and sued Masterpiece Construction for breach of contract and specific performance because Masterpiece subcontracted the job to, Build Them to Fall Construction. Foodmart was unaware of the change and only realized it do to the poor quality of work done on the renovation project for its Main Street location. Masterpiece argued that due to an increase in new


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