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Individual Assignment ? Strategic Plan, Part III-Balanced Scorecard BUS 475 Week 4 (APA + References)




Strategic Plan, Part III: Balanced Scorecard;????????;BUS 475- Integrated Business Topics;?????-;????????;Balance scorecard is essential for developing a healthy business growing place. This is a vital key for defining the goals and targets of a company as well as the vision, mission, and the SWOTT Analysis. A Balanced Scorecard is, ?A set of four measures directly linked to a company?s strategy: financial performance, customer knowledge, internal business processes, and learning and growth? (Pearce and Robinson, 2009, p. 202). This term paper will relate Sweet Creations values, mission, vision and SWOTT Analysis with the four perspectives of the scorecard (financial performance, customer knowledge, internal business process, and learning and growth).;Financial Perspective/Shareholder Value;A strong and well defined vision and mission statement will facilitate the company to achieve its target. The objectives of Sweet Creations should be implemented as a daily routine so as to increase the performance of the company


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