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Business 475 week 3




Analyze the reason for the type of organizational structure employed by the organization, and identify the key positions that support that organizational structure.;Amazon begins with creating a vision for the future of their company and to motivate its employees to accomplish that company vision. Motivating is consisting of assign task necessary e.g. planning, organizing, and communicating, to achieve company vision through leadership. Ideally a combined task and oriented leadership is needed, which is a hybrid of leadership, work focus and worker?s needs giving equivalent managerial attention. Management is identifying and recognizing excellent leadership skills (qualities) and employing it to benefit all aspects of management. Management overall is the coordination of the company recourses, both human and equipment, to produce goods and services. It will need leadership to utilize all of company resources and assets to full potential. The organizational structure employed by Amazon required superb data management alongside the comprehension to reach organizational


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