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BUS 475 Week 2 Learning Team Value Alignment-Wal-Mart (APA Format + References)




Value Alignment;??????????-;Integrated Business Topics/BUS 475;University of Phoenix;?????????;Date;Value Alignment;? In the following paragraphs team A will provide a brief analysis in regard to the origins and evolution of values at a personal level and in the workplace. The team will explain throughout the paper how an individual?s values can drive actions and behaviors, and the alignment between values, actions and behaviors.;The team will include in the mentioned analysis the degree of alignment between Wal-Mart?s stated values, and the company?s plans, and actions. Last the team will explain the differences, between personal values and Wal-Mart?s values as reflected by Wal-Mart?s plans and actions.;Origin and Evolution;According to sociologists, values are formed during the early years of a person?s life. One sociologist?s research suggested values are formed during four periods. This sociologist, Morris Massey, believed these values originate


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