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BUS 475 Final Exam 2




BUS 475 Final Exam 2;1) Which one of the following items is not generally used in preparing a statement of cash flows?;2) One of Astro Company?s activity cost pools is machine setups, with estimated overhead of $150,000. Astro produces sparklers (400 setups) and lighters (600 setups). How much of the machine setup cost pool should be assigned to sparklers?;3) Of the following companies, which one would not likely employ the specific identification method for inventory costing?;4) Which one of the following is a product cost?;5) The conceptual framework developed by the Financial Accounting Standards Board __________.;6) What is the preparation of reports for each level of responsibility in the company?s organization chart called?;7) The cost principle requires that when assets are acquired, they be recorded at __________.;8) If a company reports a net loss, it __________.;9) The major reporting standard for management accounts is __________.;10) The primary purpose of the


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