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BUS 475 Communication Template Week 4 Team




Communications Template;Charles Burt, Lou Gamache, Rebecca Lanham, Julie Lee, Megan Engelking;University of Phoenix;BUS/475;Communications Template;Stakeholders Communication Method Message about company;Management Email, memo, letters, reports, board meeting, division meeting, employee meetings, and intranet Company?s mission, vision, and values. Strategic plans to accomplish objectives that are in line with mission and vision statements. Threats that can affect business operations. Changes in policy or procedures. Compliance Standards. Opportunities for growth. Strength of company;Employees Employee manual, training material, newsletter, department meeting, verbal (formal and informal), workshops, email, company memos, staff meetings, communications with union reps, company events, training seminars Mission, vision, values, company goals, and department goals. Policies and procedures. Training and technical specifications. Responsibilities and expectations.;Local Community;Families of Employees;Newsletters, social media, meetings, flyers, letters, print (newspaper


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