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BUS 475 Week 2 Learning Team Value Alignment (Wal-Mart)




Value Alignment;??????????-;Integrated Business Topics/BUS 475;University of Phoenix;?????????;Date;Value Alignment;? In the following paragraphs team A will provide a brief analysis in regard to the origins and evolution of values at a personal level and in the workplace. The team will explain throughout the paper how an individual?s values can drive actions and behaviors, and the alignment between values, actions and behaviors. The team will include in the mentioned analysis the degree of alignment between Wal-Mart?s stated values, and the company?s plans, and actions. Last the team will explain the differences, between personal values and Wal-Mart?s values as reflected by Wal-Mart?s plans and actions.;Origin and Evolution;According to sociologists, values are formed during the early years of a person?s life. One sociologist?s research suggested values are formed during four periods. This sociologist, Morris Massey, believed these values originate at pre-birth and continue to the age


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