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Casestudy on Building a Coalition and topic is Wood.




MGMT591 Casestudy on Building a Coalition and topic is Wood.;The Woodson Foundation, a large nonprofit social service agency, is teaming up with the public school system in Washington, D.C., to improve student outcomes. There?s ample room for improvement. The schools have problems with truancy, low student performance, and crime. New staff quickly burn out as their initial enthusiasm for helping students is blunted by the harsh realities they encounter in the classroom. Turnover among new teachers is very high, and many of the best and brightest are the most likely to leave for schools that aren?t as troubled.;The plan is to create an experimental after-school program that will combine the Woodson Foundation?s skill in raising private money and coordinating community leaders with the educational expertise of school staff. Ideally, the system will be financially self-sufficient, which is important because less money is available for schools than in the past. After several months of negotiation, the leaders of the Woodson Foundation and the school system have agreed that the best course is to develop a new agency that will draw on resources from both organizations. The Woodson foundation will provide logistical support and program development and measurement staff, the school system will provide classrooms and teaching staff.;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 2;Level of Detail: Show all work


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