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Identify an issue or problem and explain why you chose it.




The purpose of this project is to demonstrate what you have learned about adolescent development by applying theory and research to an adolescent psychology issue or problem that is related to one or more development domains (cognitive, physical, emotional, or moral). In addition, this project offers you the opportunity to relate what you have learned to practical, real-life settings by interviewing an adolescent professional, such as a counselor, teacher, social worker, psychologist, or psychology or education instructor. You will select an adolescent psychology professional to interview specifically because of his or her expertise in your chosen topic. Follow the outline below and use APA style to create subheadings that correspond to major sections of your paper. Listen to the audio presentation to learn more about the expectations for your project. Click Launch Presentation to begin.;The following are required sections for your paper;Introduction (1-2 pages).;Identify an issue or problem and explain why you chose it. What do you hope to learn from this paper?;Describe the person you have selected to interview. What is their position? What is their educational and professional background? Explain why you chose this interviewee. How is person related to your topic?;Literature review. Review the literature related to the your chosen adolescent developmental issue. Critically analyze the adolescent domains covered in the course that are relevant to your topic (5-6 pages).;Interview questions. Include the questions you asked (1/2 page).;Interview results. Present what you learned from the interview (4-5 pages).;Synthesis. Discuss the relationship between the literature review and practice in real-world contexts, or current research trends as communicated by your interview subject (5-6 pages).;Conclusion. Briefly discuss the implications of what you learned (1-2 pages).;You are expected to format your paper and references according to APA Style and Formatting guidelines. You are also expected to edit your work for grammar, sentence structure, and clarity of ideas.;To successfully complete this project, you will be expected to;Explore a specific adolescent issue and the related research.;Analyze theories and research related to a specific issue or problem within adolescent development.;Analyze the relevant factors that may affect a particular aspect of adolescent development, such as ethnicity, culture, gender, socioeconomic status, health, or society.;Analyze an adolescent development topic within contexts such as family, school, work, and social relationships.;Apply research related to adolescent development to knowledge gained from the interview.;Communicate in a written presentation that is concise, clear, and logically organized.;Apply APA style guidelines.;Toggle Drawer;Project Requirements;To achieve a successful project experience and outcome, you are expected to meet the following requirements.;Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.;APA formatting: The paper must be completed using APA Style and Formatting (6th edition).;Number of references: Minimum of 8 references. References should be scholarly in nature (professional psychological journals).;Length of paper: 16-22 pages of text, excluding title page and references.;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 15;Max Pages: 20;Level of Detail: Only answer needed


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