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What habits and perceptual blocks that hinder your thinking




******Attached is an example that MUST be followed.******;Imagine you work for a marketing firm and you notice a lack of critical thinking in the planning and developing of new sales and marketing campaigns. You are preparing a presentation for the executive marketing board to address your concerns. You want to convince them to create a critical thinking training for all sales and marketing associates and create a process for incorporating critical thinking into new campaigns.;Research this topic online and in the University Library.;Locate at least three articles on this topic, in addition to the Elder article.;Create a 11 slide Microsoft? PowerPoint? presentation that includes the following;? Is this topic a problem or an issue? How would you express it?;? What methods could you use to produce ideas to resolve this problem or issue?;? What habits and perceptual blocks that hinder your thinking did you have to overcome with this topic?;? How did you detect bias in your research?;? What types of questions should you ask to think about this topic critically?;? How did you evaluate arguments in your research?;? What assumptions or errors in reasoning did you encounter?;? Which techniques should you use to present your ideas and to persuade your audience effectively?;? Which approaches should you use to communicate your ideas effectively, both written and in speech?;? Propose several solutions to this topic by using the methods described in the text.;Note. This presentation is not about your opinion on the topic, but your thinking and research on the topic.;Cite and reference any sourced material consistent with APA formatting.;******Attached is an example that MUST be followed.******;******Attached is an example that MUST be followed.******;Attachment Preview;HUM111 - Week 9 PPP Template.pptx Download Attachment;Final Project;Critical Thinking Presentation;Insert Your Name Here;HUM/111;March 9, 2014;Critical Thinking Scenario;Select One Option;Option 1: Education... Show more


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