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Suppose you encounter a creature whose visual system contains




1.Suppose you encounter a creature whose visual system contains only a P-pathway, not an M-pathway. How might this creature?s visual world differ from yours?;2. What receptive field properties emerge at the level of the visual cortex?;3.What is a hypercolumn, and how does this concept relate to cortical magnification?;4. What role does the superior colliculus play in vision? How does it get the information it needs to provide this function?;5. Given what is known about the lateral geniculate nucleus, what might be its functional role(s) in vision?;6. The information conveyed by any simple cell in the visual cortex is profoundly limited. Explain how and also explain how the visual system overcomes these limits;7.. Why does a vertical line appear tilted slightly anticlockwise following prolonged exposure to lines tilted slightly clockwise?;Additional Requirements;Level of Detail: Only answer needed;Other Requirements: For neuroscience class. perception


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