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? What is ?structural mobility? and how does this concept describe




Each response should consist of at least one full paragraph of approximately 4-6 sentences. Please answer using complete sentences.;? What is ?structural mobility? and how does this concept describe the decline of manufacturing jobs in the United States since the early 1970s? (Ch.7) (4 pts);? To talk about the rich, the poor, and the way society is economically stratified sounds like the job of economists. Why should sociologists be interested in stratification? How does a better understanding of stratification potentially contribute to the well-being of society? (Ch.7) (4 pts).;? Although the validity of ?race? is debatable, why do sociologists study race as it relates, for example, to the likelihood of going to prison? What does this mean about what is ?real,? the way people understand the world, and what sociologists should study? (Ch.9) (4 pts);? How do historical cultural ideals relate to current rates of marriage and divorce in the United States? Name one reason why the likelihood of being currently married might be lower among those with low incomes. (Ch.10) (4 pts)


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