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need citation and thesis statements for these three articles




eed citation and thesis statements for these three articles;Gooding, S. S. (May, 1996). At the boundaries of religious identity: Native American religions and American legal culture. Numen, 43(2), 157-183. Retrieved from JSTOR database.;Bialecki, J. (2008). Between stewardship and sacrifice: agency and economy in a Southern California charismatic church. Journal of The Royal Anthropological Institute, 14(2), 372-390. Retrieved from EBSCOhost database.;Buriel, R. (1993). Childrearing orientations in Mexican American families: The influence of generation and sociocultural factors. Journal of Marriage and the Family, 55(4), 987-987. Retrieved from the ProQuest database.;Attachment Preview;assignment 1.docx Download Attachment;This weeks assignment is intended to help you familiarize yourself with using the Ashford;University Library for anthropological research in preparation for your Final Research Paper.;You will also... Show more


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