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BUS 515 Assignment 1 Biddy?s Bakery Case Study




Assignment 1: Biddy?s Bakery Case Study;BUS 515 Operations Management;In our studies, we have discovered the role of operations strategy in an organization. Operation strategy is an action plan that describes how the business will accomplish its mission based on the best use of its resources. The strategy identifies the policies and plans to use the resources efficiently to support its long-term competitiveness in the market. Product design and process selection should support the business strategy and the operation strategy of the organization. Even a small business, such as Biddy?s Bakery, should determine the mission, business strategy and operation strategy of the organization to ensure they stay on track with their long-term goals.;Elizabeth McDoogle founded Biddy?s Bakery and determined the company?s mission to be ?to produce a variety of baked goods with old-fashioned style and taste? (Reid & Sanders, 2010). Although the Bakery?s specialty was the McDoogle pie


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